September 4, 2007


Election ’08 Update

  • Bidden admits if he can’t pull at least in the top 3 in Iowa, he is done.
  • Obama and Clinton argue the same points while claiming they are somehow different.
  • John McCain, the man who could easily have been the next president, continues to dig his ditch deeper. He announced again that Iraq is going well and pulling out is a bad idea.
  • Most people still don’t understand the difference between a primary and a caucus, which I recommend looking up.
  • Edwards is getting some serious union support, although it looks like it still won’t be enough.
  • Richardson, the seemingly least intelligent Democratic challenger, unveiled a loan debt repayment through national service plan.
  • Mitt Romney, is shaping up to be, in my opinion, a very serious Republican candidate. I think he is a viable candidate, with the experience and record necessary to run. That combined with a somewhat charming Mormon slant could serve him well. It never hurts to be a successful red from a blue state. He has a very interesting history of switching sides of the abortion debate. Because of his strong religious values he usually is pro-life, but is somewhat pro-choice because his brother-in-law’s sister died from an illegal abortion and he understands that just making it illegal won’t make it go away, it will only make it less safe.
  • If Fred Thompson wins the republican primary, I am never watching law and order again.

One Response to September 4, 2007

  1. Christina says:

    I really enjoy this section. Now I will be able to pretend I know about stuff when trying to talk politics with other people. this website=awesome.

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