Tool Bag of the Day


larry-craig.jpg When a gay person engages in behavior that is harmful to themselves, their families, or society, while perpetuating common gay stereotypes, it is disheartening and frustrating. So when Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested for soliciting a police officer in a public restroom, I rolled my eyes and thought here we go again. But I could understand why he was hiding his sexuality. To live in a state and work in a party where people don’t support you, it is part of the survival instinct to hide. Initially I felt almost bad for a man caught in his terrible contretemps. But there are two things that quickly cut away any sympathy or understand that I could muster for Mr. Craig. First the man has a wife and three children (adopted) that who now have to go through this public humiliation and private hardship. Second, in an attempt to cover himself from further scrutiny he announced that he is not gay, after which he quickly resigned with his tail between his legs. Not gay? That is an insult to gay people, and to the intelligence of Americans everywhere. Larry Craig you are the tool bag of the day.

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