It’s Your World…

Scientist’s work has potential to help millions.

Meet J. Craig Venter. He is a prolific researcher that had his beginnings at a community college after serving in Vietnam. But before you jump on the Venter bandwagon (and there certainly is one), the thing he is really famous for is his intense vanity. Venter essentially challenged the government on the Human Genome project and lost. In the race to decode the human genome, his company came very close to beating the government to the finish line. As he would tell it, he actually won the race. While he may not have been considered the winner then, he is certainly getting some vindication now. He has release a new version of the genome that is significantly better than the government’s preliminary genome. In what was either a wise avoiding privacy issues strategy or a prime example of his vanity, the majority of the DNA was his own. He has also done some amazing research in producing fuel products with microorganisms. He is currently working on a patent for the first life form created by man. While it is only a bacterium, think about it. Life produced in a lab. Raises a lot of interesting questions, ones I am not prepared or qualified to answer.


CNN reports on shocking dating discovery.

I had to share this top CNN story: Men want hot women, women are picky. A recent study confirms the majority of a male’s mate selection is physical attractiveness, regardless of stated preferences or statements to the contrary. Women on the other hand tend only to select a male in their attractiveness range (I am unsure how this was determined) to ensure a male was both the best they could get while assuring he would stay. It confirms most gender stereotypes, men are shallow, and women are marriage obsessed.


Scientists continue to prove global warming pretty much sucks.

NASA scientists are reporting that new research indicates that in addition to the damaging large scale effects of global warming, the United States may face changes on a smaller scale. The strength and severity of thunderstorms, lightening, hail storms, and tornados appears to have a direct correlation to global warming. The warmer, moister environment would foster larger storms capable of greater damage. This comes on the tail of multiple reports on the link between severe hurricanes and global warming were released.



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