My New City

Although I’ve lived right at the city edge most of my life, I haven’t really explored what Philadelphia has to offer. It is time to change that. September is “get out and see Philadelphia month” (according to the Nicole calendar of holidays). I love (d) Pittsburgh, and managed to check out the major museums, some of the historical sites, and many of the restaurants and theaters in the area. Although I only lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years I managed to see more than I have in my 18 years out here.

Because I am busy with Pharmacy school and working, I figure a modest plan of attack is necessary. I am going to break it down into regions and sample a little at a time from each. Keep in mind these are only the goals for September, hopefully I will become more comfortable/knowledgeable about the city and explore further.

West Philly is an interesting, but sometimes dangerous region of Philadelphia. I will be reserve trips to West Philly for the day light hours. There are the remains of beautiful, large homes particularly Victorians, that crime drove away the occupants. But there are up and coming areas, particularly as a result of University City neighborhood. My goals are to check out one of the supposedly delicious Asian restaurants near Penn’s campus, and to visit the new Big Cats Fall Center at the zoo.

North Philly
is my new home. At least 4 days a week, I drive down Alleghany or Broad Street and see the sites of North Philly. Now I know there must be more than hospitals and check cashing places. Since I have 4 years to get intimate with North Philly, I only have 2 goals for September. First I need to discover where the Temple libraries are (Medical/Dental/Main Campus). Secondly, and more in tune with this post, I have to go to the Draught Horse. After talking to a bunch of my classmates, it was agreed on. The Draught Horse is the definitive college bar/hang out at Temple. The Draught Horse’s website even says, “Where the Owls come when they are away from the nest.”

South Philly
is what I stereotypically envision when thinking of spots people visit when in Philadelphia. While I have been there several times, I haven’t been very many places there, nor have I given the proper amount of time to exploring the places I have been. The goal for the month is to get a cheese steak at Pats (I’ve been to Genos multiple times) and to go to the Italian Market.

Center City has Penn’s Landing, Old City, Society Hill, Logan Circle, Chinatown, Museum District, Avenue of the Arts, City Hall and Rittenhouse Square. There are many attractions within Center City, ranging from amazing (but too expensive) restaurants, bars, museums, and historical sites. I have explored Center City far more extensively than the other sections, but there is always more to see. My goals for the month are to see the King Tut exhibit before it leaves Philadelphia, and check out that big monster, the Comcast Center.

One Response to My New City

  1. Amanda says:

    Since I am your big sister i suppose it is up to me to add some places to your list. Center city: center city is pretty much only worth visiting during the day up until maybe 8 after that it’s not really worth the effort. Some of the marathon grills there play moves on the walls around happy hour which is fun. Also you can go to lunch with mom for free and walk to the F. instituate pretty darn easy. South street is awesome and i think an all day experience, shopping during the day dinner at jim’s which has the true best cheesesteakes (get a double meat double cheese). The whole area around penn and drexel is packed full of awesome places to eat that are easy to fill an entire month, most of which are also super cheap. and it’s not particularly unsafe as long as you are in the campus area. also check out they have half price tickets and a calander of almost everything going on in the city and surrounding areas. be sure to rock out in old city a few times, great food there and a few fun bars

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