On a Lighter Note:

Following my negative post this morning on the ridiculous Fred Thompson, I figured we needed a lighter afternoon post.

The topic is ketchup. Ketchup (other acceptable names: catsup, red sauce, or tomato sauce) is a tomato based condiment as I image most of you already know. My Pittsburgh reader will immediately think of Heinz, but I assure you the contents of this post apply to all ketchups (yes, there are other brands; they’re just not as good). I learned something about ketchup today in pharmacy school. No we didn’t discuss the antioxidant properties of the sauce or any other potential source of benefit. My “Infectious Disease Management” professor enlightened us to the additional protein source in ketchup, all the bugs. My gut reaction was “not my ketchup, I buy Heinz not the cheap crap”. Apparently because of the large quantity of tomatoes needed, there are microorganisms and insects that find their way into the crates. The US government understands the plight of ketchup producers, and as such allows bugs in ketchup, provided the number is within an “acceptable range”. I came home and directly checked out the USDA site and other ketchup processing links. I am now going to share my discovery with you.

According to current, USDA Grade Standards, Grade 1 Ketchup must contain no more than 30 fruit fly eggs per 100 grams. The classic glass bottle featured in the Heinz sign could hold up to 115 fruit fly eggs. EAT UP!

For all you cat lovers, my sister sent me this video yesterday; it looks/acts just like her cat Merlin.


2 Responses to On a Lighter Note:

  1. ctams says:

    ketchup in mongolia is spicy.

    that kitty video…incredible.

  2. Joey says:

    and I sent that to your sister… 🙂 Word gets around… I love little sparta!

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