September 6, 2007

It’s Official:

Fred Thompson, former Tennessee Senator and actor, finally announced a run for the presidency after dancing around the topic for months. The actor, most notable for Law and Order, announced on Jay Leno “I am running for president of the United States”. My major points of contention about his candidacy are as follows:

  • He is using his Law and Order fame as his launch point.
  • Whenever there is a topic that is controversial, or his is afraid his answer will hurt his popularity, he refers to it as a state issue. He thinks when there is disagreement over a topic, just let the states decide for themselves.
  • He was a lobbyist, which represents the worst form of pay to play politics.
  • At 65, and after having been sick once previously, he is too old to the stresses of presidency.
  • He defended Lewis Libby and even threw a fundraising party to help defend him. Even after Libby’s conviction, Thompson stood by his actions.
  • He used his political action committee to funnel money to his son (who was an employee) in the range of 2-3 hundred thousand. Which on his behalf is not an inflated amount for someone in that position, but it is too high of a position to have given his son.
  • He lied about lobbying for abortion rights, for political reasons. He also flip flops on abortion constantly, pandering to whatever crowd he is talking to.
  • He made disparaging comments about Cuban immigrants. He suggested they might employ terrorist methods to hurt the United States, completely ignoring the extremely dangerous path they take to achieve, not destroy, the American Dream.
  • His views on gays are archaic, and even behind some of his Republican counterparts. He:

    • Doesn’t believe in hate crime legislation
    • Doesn’t support civil unions or same sex marriage
    • Doesn’t think sexual orientation should be included in employ

    Again these are just my thoughts, and there are issues he has a strong record on. But in my opinion, if Fred Thompson becomes the Republican candidate, or worse the President, it will be a great disserve to the American people.

    Worst of all, he doesn’t really believe in global warming. His opinion is such that, if it exists, it is not primarily humans fault.


One Response to September 6, 2007

  1. Joey says:

    I agree, he is a deuschebag

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