Genetic Selection

Note: This post may be offensive to certain readers. In particular red headed readers, and their friends and families, this post is not for you.

The Gingers. You may have seen them in your classes, walking down the street, or worked with them. Innocuous enough in their demeanor, it is the dangerously bright orange hair and extreme amount of freckles on the whitest of skin that would have tipped you off. They are different. Some propose that hair color is tied to personality and behavior only in the sense that you may have been treated differently growing up and that affects who you are as a person. Some believe there is a more sinister aspect to the Gingers. They are a group of zombie like creatures out to destroy society (admittedly this view has only been expressed on South Park).

But as a new article in National Geographic reports, they are an endangered species. Less than 2% of the world has red hair and it is decreasing. Because the recessive trait is more likely to be inherited in situations where both parents carry the allele, it has become rarer for two gingers to end up together and make more ginger babies. The article reports, if for some unforeseeable reason, you wanted to have a ginger baby the best shot is to breed with a Scottish or Irish person. There is some disagreement between scientists about when or if the trait could be eliminated. Predictions based on the current rate of change indicate that it could happen within 100 years. But other scientists believe that the wide geographic distribution would make the complete elimination almost impossible. Let’s hope they are wrong. Ginger children scare me tremendously.


One Response to Genetic Selection

  1. Joey says:

    a little bit of ginger never hurt anyone 🙂

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