General Petraeus and

I figured I should do a brief update on the Petraeus issue. He was faced with the task of presenting an “independent military analysis” of the situation in Iraq. To start with independent and military are contradictory. The government owns/runs the military. Petraeus stated that some troop withdraw could begin within the year, which is at least a minor step. The same General Petraues has been quoted saying it could take 10 years to finish in Iraq. He was hailed as one of the most brilliant generals of his time and the Democrats posed little objection to his appointment. Now some are questioning his credibility. Not because of specific actions or malicious intentions, but because he works for the administration and the numbers the army are releasing are a little fishy. There were some protests during his speech and a couple technical problems, but otherwise it was rather standard.

So what is the issue? The issue is a liberal (some would say to an extreme degree) group,, released an ad to coincide with his presentation. The ad attacked General Petraeus’s credibility and questioned: General Petraeus or General Betray Us? Republicans automatically launched a counter argument and denounced the advertisement as malicious.

I agree with the Republicans on this. I know, shock of all shocks, but I do. I think there is a good chance the army numbers are a load of crap. I also think any withdraw is going to be a political power play before elections or as a result of insufficient man power (experts say the current level of troops could only be sustained for about another year to year and a half). But a personal attack is out of line. This man has dedicated his entire life to the United States and preserving freedom and the American way of life. He is a decorated veteran of several conflicts, an acclaimed professor, and has an exemplary record. Until there are formal charges of wrongdoing and an accompanying guilty verdict, this man is an innocent public servant. I disagree with his politics, but he is not a politician. A source article is listed below for more information on General Petraeus, his report, and the issue. Below that is a link to the actual ad.




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  1. Alex says:

    I agree, MoveOn can be a little be a little bit too radical sometimes.

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