Theatre and Medicine??

Theatre and Medicine? A seemingly odd combination at first glance, but a recent study suggests it may be a good idea. According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, doctors who participated in a series of theatre workshops improved their bedside manner and patient’s trust. A link to the story is below.

I think investigations into the interconnections and overlaps of medicine and other disciplines is the new frontier. Medical knowledge has increased in leaps and bounds; it is time for medical service to keep pace. We all know that medicine offers a lot of options and benefits for people, but the communication necessary to explain the options and benefits of modern medicine is lacking. The medical industry is a service industry, and as such the service aspect needs to be continually developed. Some areas I think where more research needs to be done is in the sociology of medicine and medical treatments, the psychology of illness, and in the legal ramifications of medical decisions.



2 Responses to Theatre and Medicine??

  1. ctams says:

    i know actors, and other theatre people, who work as simulated patients for doctors. they study a disease and its symptoms, and then they do role-plays with doctors as if they have that disease. it’s meant to help doctors improve how they diagnose patients, but also how they relate to them on a personal level — after all, a doctor is meant to be someone you feel you can trust and confide in.

  2. Alex says:

    I think interdisciplinary approaches to higher level education promise some great results. It seems like America might b at the forefront of this. I was just talking to someone in my building the other day who had returned from studying abroad in Turkey who is dual majoring, and when he would tell people he met about his majors they didn’t seem to understand the point of more than one field of study and looked down upon it.

    I also think the study legal ramifications of medicine is an interesting area that needs more study, but is really damaged by the ‘ambulance chasers’ and loads of lawyers trying to make a profit off of the system.

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