Girl flagged for breaking dress code.


SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. – On the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, students at one high school were not allowed to wear clothes with an American flag.  Under a new school rule, students at Hobbton High School are not allowed to wear items with flags, from any country, including the United States.  The new rule stems from a controversy over students wearing shirts bearing flags of other countries.

A girl wore an American flag shirt on 9/11, but was asked to remove it.  The ban on flag shirt is a result of gang identification and racial violence in the area.  In order to not discriminate against any particular ethnicity the school banned all flag shirts.  It is an understandable ban.  While I do not support dress codes in general, the portion of dress codes that protect students and their education I do believe in.  So if flag shirts were causing gang problems and they needed to be banned, I agree you have to ban all flags.  But at the same time it was 9/11 and a girl wanted to wear an American flag, how do you say no.  After the public scrutiny and the obvious backlash from people who don’t understand they have to ban all flags to ban any, the school has rescinded its policy.

3 Responses to Girl flagged for breaking dress code.

  1. paige1224 says:

    I sorta understand the dress code in wanting to cut down on violence, but seriously, the girl just wanted to show her support for our country! I want to know if she took it off or not, because if it was me I wouldn’t of took it off for anything!

  2. Alex says:

    I side with the school. Shouldn’t preventing violence be an even more important memorial to September 11th?

  3. scanned says:

    I probably wouldn’t take it off either, but I also would have worn a shirt with words or another picture, knowing the policy.

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