I think Comcast either just gets me or is talking to my friends. They have come up with words, for things I get called out on all the time.  My snurfing is outta control. The internet is just sooooo tempting.  It doesn’t matter if it is friends or family, a few minutes into a phone call I am online.  It starts innocently like I want to look up something like the weather or movie times to make plans, but then wikipedia, the blog, facebook, and news sites creep in.

Snurfing: Surfing the Internet when you’re supposed to be on the phone

Phoruption: Pausing an On Demand movie to take an important phone call

Quizjacking: Using faster Internet to look up answers to TV quiz shows so you look smarted than you really are

Sneak freeview: visiting the home of a friend for the sole purpose of watching their On Demand

Telebinge: Watching multiple episodes of your favorite show On Demand in a single sitting

Wi-fiving: Instant messaging a friend to celebrate a specific part of a TV program


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