Flamingos in the News

I have not one, but two flamingo stories I came across while scanning the news.


Animal expert Jack Hanna and an 11-month-old flamingo became trapped while trying to squeeze through an airport security turnstile in Ohio. It was one of those turnstiles that has horizontal bars all the way up it. Hanna said. “I never thought about the crate being square and the turnstile being round,” he said. Hanna, 60, pushed the flamingo’s 2-foot-by-3-foot compartment into the turnstile, then continued pushing while straddling the crate. That is when he noticed they were both stuck with bars in his face. He eventually squeezed out, but three firefighters needed to help remove the flamingo.



You have to watch the video, but it is worth it. I’ll give you a hint: It involves a hypocritical moron with an odd face and no respect for rules messing up. It is a person who I just happen to strongly dislike

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