Intense Photography

This is a long entry, but it is about something I really think everyone should see. One of my favorite parts of Newsweek are the photo essays. The clarity and the conscience of the pictures always amaze me. It’s like the photographers actually tell you something in each picture. And the subjects often speak for themselves. Newsweek does its part by providing helpful captions and additional information. Sometimes the photo essays accompany entire articles, one in particular stood out for me: How AIDS changed America. The article was interesting and well written, next to the article there is a link to the slide show as well.

Msnbc hosts a ton of Newsweek photo essays on their site. Newsweek Photos. Unfortunately I cannot link directly to them, you have to pick the one to look at from the list. I think they are all worth checking out. But specifically the following ones are excellent (its not my fault it distorted the icons, I blame wordpress):

Here is one picture from the “Smallest Slaves” essay, since I don’t have enough blog memory to post my favorites from each:


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