Vista is effing up my shizz


So my computer is basically dying a slow death and constantly whimpering in pain. It may be almost 4 years old, but previous to a couple months ago it was so fast and smooth you would have had no idea. It is a 3.2 GHz, 1 gig of Ram, Pentium 4. Not too shabby and it certainly meets all the complexities of my interneting, AIMing, and DVD burning. With a little picture editing, TV watching, and torrenting on the side, my computer sped through life without looking back. Until…..At the end of the summer, I got Vista. My thinking was my computer met the requirements and I can always upgrade what I need to if it wasn’t quite as fast. I wanted to get it at Pitt while it was still free and someone else would have to bother installing it for me. Temple is so far behind in the tech department I knew I couldn’t count on them.

Now my printer won’t work, my wireless point is more than a little moody, I can’t use power save mode cause it won’t wake up, for some reason it won’t install Windows Updates (which is okay since the last time I did my mouse stopped working and I had to roll back), on restart it take like 14 years, roxio won’t install properly (admittedly I did not pay for a legit version), it doesn’t have the codecs to play DVDs, and it growls all through the night.

I had to have it since it was the new kid in town and I am generally patient with bugs and am conscientious about updates/patches/service packs. And I admit it looks awesome, I have the perfect widgets. I constantly use all the graphic features and appreciate the new folder organizations and view options. But it is like the hot girl you see on the street; I was psyched to take it home the first couple nights, but now I understand why you marry the funny, smart girl.

I am not alone. Microsoft has had so many people who are not satisfied with the product or don’t trust they will be satisfied that it is allowing people who purchased Business or Ultimate Vista the option of downgrading to XP. Depending on how things continue, I am considering downgrading over Thanksgiving. Although by then the first service pack will probably be out. We’ll see.



4 Responses to Vista is effing up my shizz

  1. ctams says:

    score one for the funny smart girls

  2. Alex says:

    In my experience, Vista is terrible. I would seriously consider ‘upgrading’ to XP, unless you get an new graphics card, more RAM maybe, or an amazing service pack comes out

  3. Charles says:

    I can’t tolerate Vista. I’m afraid the university is going to upgrade our pharmacy tablets to it, but XP is working well. I personally prefer OS X on my iMac, but I understand that not everyone is a Mac person. I used to swear by Windows…

  4. scanned says:

    I like OS X better too. I use a PC because for the money I was able to get a better deal when going to college, but I am thinking for my next computer I will probably get a MacBook (which may be sooner than anticipated with what Vista is doing to my machine)

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