Death from Smoochin’


People shouldn’t cheat on each other.  Obviously it hurts your partner, it could lead to diseases, and usually results in the demise of your relationship.  But after reading a Chinese news article this morning, I have found there is even more incentive to stay faithful.  A Chinese woman who suspected her long time lover was cheating on her killed him.  But not a rage filled stabbing or a quick painless shooting.  How you may ask?  Rat poison.  Rat poison is a common method of suicide and murder in China.  Keep that in mind for travel to China if you get in a fight with the person making your dinner.  What makes is sick hot / twisted love is that she filled a pellet with the posion and told him to meet up with her at bath house.  Once she got him kissing, she slipped it out of her mouth into his.  The poor bastard swallowed it with no idea and died shortly afterward.

Take Home Message: Be careful who you kiss today.

Reuter Story

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