Wildfires continue in California


There are massive wildfires raging across much of southern California.  I was at a family party yesterday and we literally spend two hours watching the fire spread on CNN.  It was crazy.  Cross California off my list of places to live.  I hope they get it under control today, and that the residents are able to successfully evacuate.

RAMONA, California (CNN) — Residents of about 10,000 homes northeast of San Diego were ordered Monday to flee an out-of-control wildfire, “Witch”, one of several burning across Southern California.
The Witch fire was one of several major wildfires to ignite Sunday around Los Angeles and San Diego, fueled by hot, dry conditions and pushed by fierce Santa Ana winds. Thousands of homes were threatened.  Large fires bore down on Malibu, Santa Clarita and two rural communities east of San Diego on Monday morning as thousands of firefighters battled the blazes.

The Witch fire was moving much faster than expected, and there was “a very high potential” it would enter San Diego early Monday, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders said.

Sanders urged San Diegans in the fire’s potential path to “collect important belongings so they can evacuate immediately.” He said reverse 911 calls would be made by San Diego police to inform residents who should leave their homes.

A larger fire, fueled by wind gusts up to 80 mph, has spread more than 12,500 acres around Santa Clarita about 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

At least 400 firefighters were deployed to battle the fire, which officials estimate has destroyed 17 buildings and threatens 3,800 Santa Clarita Valley homes. Mandatory evacuations were ordered for several communities.

3 Responses to Wildfires continue in California

  1. Why would a car just sitting along side the road catch on fire? (Windows are closed, but sunroof is open I guess that’s it?) Still kinda suspicious.

  2. CLOSED ROADS, traffic list for SAN DIEGO:

    “Property DAMAGE in San Diego County reached $1 BILLION,” authorities said this morning… – http://www.fox6.com/news/local/default.aspx

  3. Amanda says:

    this only goes to support what i have ALWAYS said about living in California. Who the hell would actually live there, go on vacation yeah, but then hightailit out of there. I mean what spend 10x the amount of money on a house only to have it destroyed by wildfires when its dry, mudslides when it’s wet or freak ass earthquakes. Yeah i guess its great that its sunny there since your home will be destroyed and you will need to sleep outside.

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