Lions for Lambs for Losers

I love politics. I love movies. I love heated debates about the “war on terror”, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the importance of national service. I love Meryl Streep. I love uber liberal Robert Redford. I should have loved Lions for Lambs.

But I didn’t. In fact, I hated it. I thought it was one of the worst films I saw this year. Over hyped, over advertised, over acted, and over ambitious. In fact, I thought it was so bad I needed to post about it.


It is preachy and self important. It tells you what is important and just how important it is. It had Tom Cruise just spouting the same Republican Party lines I could watch on CNN of the value of security and turning the Middle East into some Christian moral crusade. It had Meryl Streep as a weak, menopausal reporter who lost the spunk and dedication to truth journalists used to have. She was only capable of saying something needed to be done (and of course to compare the situation to Vietnam). Robert Redford was the worst; he was supposed to be the inspirational teacher who changes apathetic American kids into the proponents of change while having done nothing himself. Except it was so dry the only thing it inspired me to do was fall asleep. Intermittent through the two main conversations were some decent scenes of two soldiers, exploitation cinema at its finest. Although that was essentially to make you sympathize with the troops regardless of your political views by making them minority martyrs dying for our sins. Then after no plot, there was no resolution. I guess it was just to pose the questions you should be asking yourself about our government already. Except the problem is if you weren’t already asking those questions you wouldn’t have gone to see the movie, so it was preaching to the choir. It was also incredibly spineless, there was a general leaning towards anti-war sentiments, but it wasn’t strong or in your face. Just a terribly ineffective, boring tirade made my Hollywood to try to prove some sort of political awareness. I don’t care that you read the newspaper Robert Redford.

My advice:

If you are looking for a movie to make you ask yourself what is right and wrong, check out Gone Baby Gone. That is a fine example of movie posing moral questions while still having an entertaining and fast paced storyline.

2 Responses to Lions for Lambs for Losers

  1. mullah cimoc says:

    mullah cimoc say ameriki need google: mighty wurltizer +cia

    then to asking why usa control media try to suppress attendance of anti war movie. A: so the other creator persons not to make the anti war movie too.

    this all part of mighty wurlitzer operation. now so sad to see ameriki, him woman the lesbian hate the man, him daughter the slut take the LBT (low back tattoo)and him son the gay homosexual of aid sick.

  2. rose jeter says:

    i am a native of utah. bountiful utah. i reside now in southern california. maybe if tese United States would educate the today generation we would nt get SMUG ignoranant comments like yours. i was born in1956, that makes me 51. i don’t know how old you are. thisyear on may5, 2007, nowbird, utah hosted a historical day. president harry s. truman, innacted that the first satuday of may every year would be HONORED as the national day of prayer. already an international day of prayer. the month of may is the international HONORED month of prayer. did you know that fact. did you know that many of us “old timer” PROUD AMERICANS have lost many ancestors and loved ones to WAR. di you know that the BRITISH killed more JEWS than hitller ever dreamed of. the BRITISH, QUEEN and her heir are th 9thmost political and economical POWER in this world. Educate yourself about who we are really at war with on not just terrorism. POLITICS and MONEY. the alaskan pipeline under the refining name of ARCO since 1969 was really owned bt controlling stock of 87% The Queen of England and British CORP>; Russia, Iraq and ireland. You ought to thank GOD for the GREAT MEN and WOMEN who have fought and many lost theirlives so you can go to the movies and see Gone baby gone.

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