How does one become a “Dog Person”?

I’m a cat person.  I have a cat, I think cats are cute, and most importantly I don’t like dogs. I think they smell, the homes of their owners often smell, they are dumb, and they require too much time and effort to be worth having. (Really I am just scared of them, and don’t understand why they aren’t all box trained like cats).

Although some cat people become extreme and obsessive, I’ve generally noticed that it is more often dog owners. You know the type, people with dogs on their sweatshirt, dog statues and decorations, dogs on all their holiday cards, and a own a dog they treat like a favorite child. My question is how does a person become a “dog person”? Is it overnight? Are they born that way? Is is nature or nurture?

I recently have come across a type of dog that I think is irresistibly cute, mini goldendoodles and labradoodles. All of a sudden I find myself actually thinking about getting a dog. Is this the first step? Am I going to get paw bumper stickers? Will my next holiday card have two puppies sleeping adorably?

I can’t help it, I may be turning.

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