“Excuse me is your boob beeping?”

October 20, 2007

Bras soon won’t just be fighting the sag. A British researcher is working on a prototype bra that could detect early stages of breast cancer. The “smart bra” uses microwave antennae to pick up on temperature changes that happen when there’s an increase in blood flow to a developing tumor. The same types of passive microwaves are used to pinpoint submarine and distant star locations.

An audible or visual alarm would be built into the bra alerting wearers that they should head to the doctor. This seems like it would be a bit stressful. Especially if it happened during a business meeting or an interview! “Sorry, gotta run. I may have cancer.”

Some docs aren’t too psyched on the whole idea either, citing that many benign growths and nonmalignant inflammatory changes can also increase blood flow. But hey, any research helping women find and fight breast cancer is worth looking into in my breast opinion!


I think it is at least a step in the right direction. The right direction is prevention and early detection. I bet Japan has a working prototype in 6 months. And in 9 months there will be a recall of bras manufactured with cancer causing lead from China.