Cop Killer Captured

November 6, 2007


The scum bag who shot Officer Cassidy was captured this morning.  It sucks for him, the justice system doesn’t look so kindly on cop killers.

Philadelphia Police early this morning have apprehended suspect John Lewis in the slaying of Officer Chuck Cassidy.

Lewis was taken into custody without incident at a homeless shelter in Miami at 7 a.m., according to media reports.

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He should have turned himself in.  How does a poor desperate criminal from North Philly who’s relatives even turned on him, expect to successfully flee.  Philadelphia police turned up the intensity on the manhunt and there was never a doubt they would find him.  If only the same energy and resources could be used on all the murders in Philadelphia.  Or better yet the murders and the hit and runs the city is rapidly becoming famous for.

I know criminals are not very intelligent in general but let me point out some major flaws in this boy’s logic.

First, he robbed the same Dunkin Donuts recently.  He was video taped robbing it and the video aired on tv, so there is not doubt he knew they had cameras.  He was easy to identify because he worked at two other Dunkin Donuts, was caught on video twice, is kinda goofy looking, didn’t wear a mask, and has very distinct tattoos on his hands (that reveal where he lives/ is from).

Next, who shoots a cop????  He had the gun, the cop was just getting some coffee he wasn’t there to stop the robbery.  He could have told him to get on the ground or do whatever he wanted, instead of shooting him from 5 feet away.  Additionally shooting someone in the head is pretty much assured to kill the person.  So now we have jumped from robbery to homicide.

The community really rallied together over this.  Lots of information and witnesses came forward which is out of character for Philadelphia.

There an informal memorial of flowers, stuffed animals and tributes continued to pile up outside the doughnut shop at 6620 N. Broad St.  The Dunkin’ Donuts owner mounted a plaque at the memorial, noting that the shop would remain closed until after Cassidy’s funeral Wednesday out of respect to the officer who regularly stopped in at the shop as part of his security rounds.