Politcal Inspiration

February 25, 2008


I thought I was politically motivated:

FEBRUARY 25–Meet Jose Antonio Ortiz. The Pennsylvania man allegedly stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach after the pair quarreled about their respective support of Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to cops, Ortiz, 28, stabbed Sean Shurelds last Thursday night in the kitchen of an Upper Providence Township home. According to a criminal complaint, a copy of which you’ll find here, the 41-year-old Shurelds, an Obama supporter, told Ortiz that the Illinois senator was “trashing” Clinton (apparently in regard to recent primary and caucus results). Ortiz, a Clinton supporter, replied that “Obama was not a realist.” While not exactly fighting words, the verbal political tiff led to some mutual choking and punching. And, allegedly, a stabbing in the abdomen. Shurelds was flown to Hahnemann University Hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition. (2 pages) Source

While violence is never a good thing, and the two men involved in the story were probably not the brightest, it is refreshing to see people care.  Pennsylvania rarely gets to make a difference in the primary season and I hope people don’t waste their opportunity.  Obviously I hope everyone gets out and votes for the most qualified candidate (Hint: Hillary Clinton).   But even if you are voting for another candidate, or worse yet, another party, take advantages of this opportunity.  Research the candidates stances and histories, evaluate what is important to you, and vote!

PS.  Politics are great but stabbing someone isn’t the answer.  I know it can be frustrating when a friend or relative admits to supporting Obama in spite of his lack of experience, already broken promises, and his inability to provide details about any of the “change” he plans to bring.

Backstabbing isn’t just for friends

January 31, 2008

Here is a story straight from the streets of my school.  A guy walks down the street (the street is Broad Street), feels a punch to the back, figures ‘damn that hurt, whatever’ and keeps walking.  The man continues down the street until someone informs him he has a knife in his back.  He goes to the hospital, he will be fine.  I think this story is a perfect summary of the area I go to school in.  First off, a stranger might just stab you for no reason, you could get punched in the back and know it is not worth reporting, another stranger wouldn’t hesitate to get up in your business about the knife, and Temple hospital still wouldn’t be shocked when you came in.  It also says something about the students in the area, an article about the event has been the biggest e-mailed story through campus all week.  Read Article Here. Here is a quote from the article.

Here’s something you’d hear only on the hardscrabble streets of Philadelphia:

“Dude, you got a knife in your back.”

That’s what a passer-by yelled to a Philadelphia man after a bizarre incident as he was walking along Broad Street in North Philadelphia on Tuesday night.

After receiving what he thought was a punch to the back from a stranger, the victim told police that the passer-by pointed to his back and yelled about the knife.

One Hot Cookie (Literally)

November 14, 2007


2 SIU students accused of using hot cookies to burn man

November 7, 2007EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. — Two students at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville kidnapped, paddled and burned a young man with fresh-baked cookies after a drug deal went bad, prosecutors said. Rosario James, 23, and Jordan Sallis, 20, were charged Monday with aggravated kidnapping, robbery and aggravated battery.

Sheriff’s Capt. Brad Wells said that on Friday night, three men went to James’ house to buy marijuana, but two of them grabbed the drugs and fled. He said the suspects held the third man, demanded $400, beat the man with a wooden paddle, and burned his neck and shoulders with fresh-baked cookies. AP

This is some serious baking.  Next time you plan to jack a drug dealer, check he hasn’t been baking all day.  I think an event like this really gives some street cred to Weeds (an excellent Showtime series).  The terms “half-baked” and “baked” might be a little more literal than imagined.  To prove these guys weren’t just cookie making monsters, they made sure to utilize shaving, peeing, and old school violence to intimidate the thief.

The Full Details

Cop Killer Captured

November 6, 2007


The scum bag who shot Officer Cassidy was captured this morning.  It sucks for him, the justice system doesn’t look so kindly on cop killers.

Philadelphia Police early this morning have apprehended suspect John Lewis in the slaying of Officer Chuck Cassidy.

Lewis was taken into custody without incident at a homeless shelter in Miami at 7 a.m., according to media reports.

Full Article

He should have turned himself in.  How does a poor desperate criminal from North Philly who’s relatives even turned on him, expect to successfully flee.  Philadelphia police turned up the intensity on the manhunt and there was never a doubt they would find him.  If only the same energy and resources could be used on all the murders in Philadelphia.  Or better yet the murders and the hit and runs the city is rapidly becoming famous for.

I know criminals are not very intelligent in general but let me point out some major flaws in this boy’s logic.

First, he robbed the same Dunkin Donuts recently.  He was video taped robbing it and the video aired on tv, so there is not doubt he knew they had cameras.  He was easy to identify because he worked at two other Dunkin Donuts, was caught on video twice, is kinda goofy looking, didn’t wear a mask, and has very distinct tattoos on his hands (that reveal where he lives/ is from).

Next, who shoots a cop????  He had the gun, the cop was just getting some coffee he wasn’t there to stop the robbery.  He could have told him to get on the ground or do whatever he wanted, instead of shooting him from 5 feet away.  Additionally shooting someone in the head is pretty much assured to kill the person.  So now we have jumped from robbery to homicide.

The community really rallied together over this.  Lots of information and witnesses came forward which is out of character for Philadelphia.

There an informal memorial of flowers, stuffed animals and tributes continued to pile up outside the doughnut shop at 6620 N. Broad St.  The Dunkin’ Donuts owner mounted a plaque at the memorial, noting that the shop would remain closed until after Cassidy’s funeral Wednesday out of respect to the officer who regularly stopped in at the shop as part of his security rounds.

Child Rapist on the Run

October 2, 2007

For those of you not following the case, here is the background:

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — An intense manhunt was under way Monday for Chester Stiles, a 37-year old man whom police say is a suspect in the videotaped rape of a 3-year-old girl four years ago. Chester Arthur Stiles, 37, of Nevada is being sought as a suspect in the videotaped rape of a 3-year-old girl. Also Monday, Stiles’ former girlfriend told CNN she believes she put him in contact with the girl. Tina Allen took Stiles to a crowded apartment where her son and daughter lived. Also living in the apartment were a family friend and her 3-year-old daughter, who allegedly was victimized by Stiles. “I’m disgusted. I’m ashamed, embarrassed, mortified,” Allen said. “I regret every, every step I ever took; I feel bad for the baby.”

Allen ended her relationship with Stiles a few months ago. She said she believes it will be difficult for police to find him. “He will hide out in mountains if that’s what it takes, he will hide out in a crowd, he’ll find somebody who hasn’t heard anything and stay there,” she said. “He has skills. He knows how to hunt, I mean hunt with a gun, a knife, a bow.” Allen said Stiles stopped by her house last week for a friendly visit before his name was linked to the videotape. She said his appearance had changed. She said his hair was longer and he had put on weight. Stiles, a resident of Pahrump, Nevada, is a former animal trainer, authorities said. De Meo said the FBI also is seeking him in a separate matter involving state charges of sexual assault and lewdness with a minor under 14.

The man who claimed to have found the tape in the desert and held it for at least five months before handing it over to authorities turned himself in Sunday to Nye County officials. Darren Tuck, a Nevada resident who allegedly showed the tape to others before giving it to police, faces a possible sentence of 10 years to life for exhibiting pornography and another one to six years for possession of child pornography, according to De Meo. Tuck’s attorney, Harry Kuehn, said last week on CNN’s “Nancy Grace” that his client had been “wracked by indecision” as to what to do with the tape once he realized what it was.

My opinion is there must be more to the story. There are so many questions that need to be answered.

1. When did the parents leave the 3 year old with a man they claim to have not known or barely known?

2. How did the man who had the tape really get it?

3. Did he really never display any inappropriate behavior with the former girlfriend’s kids?

4. Why did the man who “found the tape in the desert” wait 5 months, and why did he show another person such a disturbing video?

5. How did the girl not exhibit any signs of trauma after the incident?

It is times like these that I believe in the death penalty.  While I do believe if you execute one innocent person it is not worth having, people like him deserve to die.  There is no maybe he did it or didn’t do it, there is a video.  That is a step above a confession.  Well when they find him, and they will, he won’t last long.  Whether a cop shoots him as he runs or someone with at least jail house morals kills him the first night, I will not feel a bit sorry for him or his family.  Men like that deserve the death penalty over life in prison.  They should never have another moment to reflect fondly on, think about, fantasize about, or remember the awful things they have done.