Time for an election ’08 round up:

September 13, 2007

This is the whats up with the top three for each party:

Edwards: Edwards has bought two minutes of air time on MSNBC, scheduled to air after Bush’s 15-minute televised speech from the White House at 9 p.m. tonight. He is going to offer a rebuttal to Bush’s warmongering. Edwards is also stepping up the tech savvy portion of the campaign by launching individual websites for the first four primary states.

Clinton: Clinton is being widely criticized for calling General Petraeus’s credibility into question. While she avoided any personal attacks on par with Moveon.org and denounced their actions, she herself questioned the independence of the general’s statements.

Obama: Obama called out Bush on his Iran intentions. “George Bush and Dick Cheney must hear loud and clear from the American people and the Congress: You do not have our support, and you do not have our authorization, to launch another war.”

Romney: Romney is losing traction with Thomspon in the race. He also had some egg on his face after one of his advisers was linked to an anti-Thompson webpage.

Thomspon:Major stories this week are his surge of popularity and a website about him. Although Thompson only recently announced his candidacy, it most major polls he has basically caught up to Giuliani. His other big story was a website, phoneyfred.org, launched a personal attack and then the site turned out to have links to the Romney campaign. Romney denied involvement, and the site was pulled.

Giuliani: Giuliana spent the week pushing the obvious. He is the only Republican candidate that can really campaign in every state. He feels he has a chance in states that Republicans don’t even normally waste time in (California, New York, Oregon, Massachusetts)