Say Hello to Halo 3

September 26, 2007

I like video games. Let me clarify, I like some video games. I like guitar hero, maybe even to an obsessive degree. I enjoy dance dance revolution. I own all of the Tony Hawk series. Other than that if you flipped through my games you’d see some trivia based games, and ones with Simpson’s characters. But some people love video games. A particular example is Halo and its sequels. Now I have never played it, so all of my states will be biased opinions with no substance. I might one of them this week to check it out because there is just so much hype. The lines were like Black Friday or the iPod release at some game stores. The presale alone was in the millions. Something like 3 million copies were sold the first day.

What I don’t understand is why? If it is a really fun game I understand that millions of people would by it (the franchise is worth in the hundreds of millions, Halo is considered a power entertainment series like Harry Potter). I don’t understand why they would need it in advance or wait outside. I personally like first person shooters, but I don’t understand how the story could feel urgent to someone. Maybe I should catch up on the story (there are 5 novels, comic books, and a top secret movie deal in the works).

Hopefully I won’t be doing a follow up post in a week about video game exhaustion deaths, like that poor bastard in China.

In all fairness: The game got great reviews, aside from customers who received scratched discs, gamers are loving it.