When Bull-Dykes attack

September 20, 2007

On September 18, the website of right-wing radio host Michael Savage linked to an article reporting on a University of Florida student who was shocked with a Taser and removed by several campus police officers — at least one of whom was female — from a September 17 forum featuring Sen. John Kerry (D-MA). Savage linked to the article with the headline: “BULL-DYKE FASCIST TASERS STUDENT WHO ASKS KERRY TOO MANY QUESTIONS.” The actual article, which was titled “Student Shot by Taser Gun” and appeared on the website of a Baltimore TV station, did not state that a female officer was the one who tasered the student and did not mention any details about the officers who arrested him.


Savage is insane. He brings homophobia to a new level. At least in this situation it could be perceived as a tasteless joke. In the past he has blamed murder victims for their own murders on account of their sexual orientation or gender identity. He also blamed the Columbine shootings on sexual reassignment surgery. I know, right. I encourage you to read about the tasering incident. It is an interesting example of the delicate balance between security and civil liberties. The student was staging a civil protest in the form of out of turn questioning, not exactly dangerous. But on the other hand, when a police officer tells you something, you listen. Note: Kerry just stood there and following the incident he release an incredibly bland response. Taser are an amazing technology though. Thank God for tasers, because imagine if each time you read about an unconstitutional tasering by the police the article said an unconstitutional shooting.

Maybe its just me, but if a cop told me to cluck like a chicken I would.