Making homemade porn?

October 3, 2007

UPDATE/EDIT: the tape turned out to be a fake


So the rumor mill was working double yesterday. Supposedly there is an Eva Longoria and Tony Parker sex tape making the rounds. Sexperts are predicting if the tape is authentic it will be the biggest tape since “One Night in Paris”. I may not a sexpert yet, but I know porn. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that if two hot celebrities are doing it on camera it is going to sell like hotcakes. But now I want to talk about the more serious issue at hand. Homemade porn.

I think making a porn with your partner (a loving, trustable person hopefully whom you have been with for a long time) can be an okay idea. Some people say “no, it’s always a bad idea” but I think in certain situations it can good way to keep your sex life fresh. That said, there needs to be precautions taken that your video never shows up on the web. Because no matter how much you think no one would want to see your imperfect non famous naked ass, someone would watch it. So either only view it on the camera or be prepared to destroy it at the first sign of problems in your relationship. Another more tech way I suggest to protect delicate files is to password protect it, but make sure you only know half the password, and the other person knows half.

Here are some homemade sex tape tips I found:

  • Shave and trim before shooting
  • Cover up leg marks with stockings
  • Use makeup, but not stage/film quantities
  • Set the mood while you prepare yourself, feelings come out in photos
  • Use sex videos and pictures to mimic and act out for inspiration
  • When solo, use remote controls, self timers, and editing
  • Find a personal balance between focusing on the camera and focusing on the act
  • Make full use of available props, toys, and costumes
  • If the exhibitionist inside starts clawing their way out, make sure you’re down with 2257