More Crazy Ass Kids

October 11, 2007

Another story of a bat shit crazy kid, but what is most striking this time is the parents. Fortunately the boy was unable to ever actually execute his plans, but the thought of a 14 year old filled with that much hate is still chilling. The boy had a virtual arsenal in his house, including working homemade grenades. Thankfully, another student tipped off the police after the boy tried to recruit him. (Note: I think there should be some praise/reward placed on the kid who turned him in, to encourage people across the country to notify authorities when people make these sorts of threats/plans even if they don’t seem likely to follow through with the plans) In this case it is hard to believe the typical parent lines of “I had no idea” or “he was always such a good boy”. They purchased at least one, if not more, of the guns for him. Additionally police believe they may have purchased the powder necessary to make grenades. WTF??

My parents look at me like I am crazy if I want them to buy me a video game or a CD with violent talk in it. If I asked for a gun (even though I am legally old enough to own one) I am pretty sure they would seek immediate help. I don’t hunt and I don’t target shoot, so do you know what I don’t need? A gun, let alone several. Oh wait no one needs a gun. If you don’t have enough judgment as a parent to buy your, chronically angry, cruelly teased 14 year old a gun, I hope he shoots you first.

(CNN) — Police have taken into custody a 14-year-old boy who is suspected of planning a “Columbine” type event at a Pennsylvania high school, a police spokesman said. Police in Plymouth Township near Philadelphia took the boy into custody after a search of his home turned up a number of weapons, including a 9 mm rifle with a laser scope and dozens of air guns, said Deputy Chief Joe Lawrence. Police also found an operational hand grenade, three other hand grenades in the process of construction, bomb-making equipment, manuals and 30 powered weapons that fire BBs. In addition to the weapons, authorities found a hand-painted Nazi flag and a video about the Columbine shootings, District Attorney Bruce Castor said.

The boy’s mother bought the rifle for him several weeks ago at a gun show, police said. Lawrence said police are also investigating whether the boy’s mother bought him black powder used in the grenades.

The 14-year-old is expected to appear in juvenile court Friday to face charges that could include making terroristic threats, criminal solicitation, weapons possession, and possession and manufacturing of weapons of mass destruction, police said. The boy’s mother and father may face criminal charges pending an investigation, police said.

Police acted on a tip they received at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday from a Plymouth Whitemarsh High School student and his father, school officials said. The 14-year-old was taken into custody at his home about 10 p.m. “The boy who gave the tip was one who was trying to be recruited,” Castor added. “He was a friend of the boy in the loosest terms.”

Cop goes on shooting rampage

October 8, 2007

 I think there should be a very thorough psych evalution before anyone can get a gun, including cops.  Cops are supposed to protect us so stories like this are very scary.  Living in Philadelphia you expect to see shootings on the news everyday, but you assume it is going to say domestic dispute, drug related, or gang violence.  You never want to see school shootings, hate crimes, or multiple shootings.  But lately it seems more and more of these tragic incidents are occuring all over the country.


CRANDON, Wisconsin (CNN) — A 20-year-old off-duty sheriff’s deputy shot and killed six people at an early-morning party before dying under circumstances that remained officially under wraps Sunday night, officials said.   Forest County Sheriff’s Deputy Tyler Peterson, who also worked part-time as a Crandon police officer, stormed into a home where a party was going on and opened fire, friends of the victims told CNN.

School Superintendent Richard Peters told The Associated Press that three local high school students were killed and another three who died had graduated within the past year.”  I don’t want to believe it. I’m waiting for somebody to wake me up,” said Jenny Stahl, the mother of 14-year-old victim Lindsey Stahl.

“This was the kind of scenario where every small town in the USA says, ‘This could never happen here,'” Peters said.  Karly Johnson, 16, told AP she knew the shooter.  “He was nice. He was an average guy — normal. You wouldn’t think he could do that,” Johnson said.

Another School Shooting

October 1, 2007

Tragically there has been another college shooting. A young man was cut down in his prime on Sunday night, and it appears he was specifically targeted. As I said after the Delaware shooting, people need to chill out.

  (CNN) — A University of Memphis football player was shot and killed on campus Sunday night, prompting school officials to cancel classes as authorities searched for suspects.





Police say Taylor Bradford, 21, was shot and killed Sunday on the University of Memphis campus.

Police said defensive lineman Taylor Bradford, 21, apparently was shot around 9:45 p.m. (10:45 ET) Sunday and drove a short distance in his car before crashing.

Campus police said the preliminary investigation indicated that Bradford was targeted and not the victim of a random act of violence.

The 5-foot-11-inch, 300-pound junior transferred to the University of Memphis from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, according to his team’s Web site.

After the shooting, authorities locked down the campus. Residence halls reopened early Monday, and classes were expected to resume Tuesday. On Monday, offices at the university were open so students could have access to counseling and talk with faculty and staff, said university spokesman Curt Guenther said.

Delaware State University Shooting

September 21, 2007


The basics: A man shot two students on the Delaware State University campus. A girl who is in very serious condition and a boy who is in slightly better condition. The whole campus was shut down and classes are canceled.

The whole story: Story

The signifigance: Less than year after the horrific Virgina Tech shootings, Delaware has pulled together a solid response plan.  The school shut down, assuring residents stayed inside and stopping commuters and employees from coming in today, because the suspect has not been found yet.  There were emergency calls/texts sent to students to notify them.  It was posted around campus and in the dorms.  Anyone trying to use the phone system first heard a recorded explanation of the situation when they picked the phone up.  There were releases and updates on the website and made available elsewhere.  The dissemination of information may potentially have saved lives.  So kudos to Delaware for having a system that hopefully all schools will implement, but never have to use.

Here is the early Press Release: Statement

As a Note: what is wrong with people?  college is fun.  people need to chill out.