“Seinfeld”, Science, and Snacks

February 1, 2008


    Forget Temple Pharmacy School, I should have gone to Clemson University.  I could have worked on my degree with Prof. Dawson, a food microbiologist.  He conducted a study inspired by an episode of “Seinfeld”.  Any loyal “Seinfel” fans will recall the episode where George double dips his chip at a funeral reception and is caught.  The episode is credited with being the first major popular use of the term “double dipping”.  They guy freaks out and tells George, “That’s like putting your whole mouth right in the dip!”.  Well Professor Dawson set out to investigate if that charge is true.  He was skeptical that bacteria could be transfered from mouth to chip to mouth initially.  But the research indicates that 50 -100 bacteria would be transfered from one mouth to another in each bite, if there was a cup that was exposed to “sporadic double dipping.”  GROSS.  The study will be published in the Journal of Food Safety later this year.

    Professor Dawson published a paper last year on the five-second rule.  While his findings indicate that the rule is not true and food should not be eaten from the floor even if it is there for less than five seconds, my findings differ.  (Well at least my findings of tasty food on floors).

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Best Super Bowl Commercial

January 24, 2008

“Watch Pepsi’s new Super Bowl ad, “Bob’s House”. A unique and hilarious commercial illustrating a popular joke in the hearing impaired community. Created and enacted by deaf members of the Pepsico workforce, EnAble. “

It is refreshing to see advertising can be both funny and socially responsible.  Think the direct opposite of last year’s Snickers men accidentally kissed and now must beat each other ad.

Black Women: Black or Female?

January 21, 2008

CNN.com has an article by reporter Randi Kaye about the difficult choices facing African American female voters in South Carolina. The premise is who will black women vote for? Will they vote their race or their gender. Read the Article Here.

I think that is a degrading oversimplification about a group of people.  While I highly doubt Randi Kaye is a sexist (Randi is a women) or a racist (she has had wonderful coverage of Katrina and other potential race issues).  The article smacks of racism and sexism.  I expected to read the name of some 65 year old white man on the by line.

Black women are both black and female.  It is not trading on either to vote for the candidate of one’s choice.  The article does not acknowledge until 3/4 of the way through, and only then with one sentence, that black women are capable of voting on the issues.

The tone of the article just didn’t sit right with me.  It takes a serious topic (and a serious portion of the voters in South Carolina) and trivializes it into black and female stereotypes.

At Anjay’s Salon in Charleston, the only thing louder than the hair dryer is the chorus of political opinions.

Salons are a target for the campaigns — across the state they have turned into caucuses of sorts. They’re where women gather and gossip.

Why is it when women are gathered talking about politics a reporter has the nerve to call it gossip.

For these women, a unique, and most unexpected dilemma, presents itself: Should they vote their race, or should they vote their gender?  No other voting bloc in the country faces this choice.

Race and gender are not the two separate halves that compose black women.  I think if a black women is torn between the two candidates over race or gender, it is about race and gender issues.  There is a difference between voting for Clinton, as a woman, because you believe she will more vehemently right for reproductive rights, and voting for her because she is a woman and you think it is neat to have female president.

It could just be me reading too much into the article.  But I think a few revisions, better selection of quotes, and a little more caution in using stereotypes and this could have been  an actual piece of journalism.

Oprah Takes Over

January 17, 2008

Oprah is taking over the world. Or at least having a large influence on it. With millions of viewers and an ever growing audience, Oprah is talking to whoever will listen. And many are listening. Hell I don’t even watch her show, but I listen to what books I should read. But this time she is endorsing more than a book or gadget. She is endorsing Barack Obama for president. Many believe it is about seeing a black president or jumping on the rockstar like following for Obama.

But I know the truth, it is just one stop on her way to world domination. It is important to have friends in powerful places. The President of the United States is a pretty powerful position. Some have said my theories on Oprah are a little far fetched. But I’ve always know she was a conquerer. From the news, to the talk show, to the made for tv movies, to book club, to the Broadway shows, to the magazine, to the South African school and now to endorsing a presidential candidate.

But now she has gone to far!! She is getting her own tv channel. The Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN, will premier in 2009.  So you wonder why is this so terrible?  No one is forcing me to watch it.  The problem is the channel will be replacing Discovery Health Channel.  I love the Discovery Health Channel.  “Incredible Medical” is the most compelling show on television, I have been late to work in order to see the final diagnosis.  Plus shows like “Baby Baby”, “Adoption stories”, and “Babies: Special Delivery” are the only shows on television that can make me cry.

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Crazy for Christmas

December 8, 2007

While its normally against my no lame-old-people -TV policy, I might have to check out HGTV tomorrow night.  Sunday, Dec. 9, @ 9 they are airing a special “What’s With That Decked Out Christmas House?”  I love insanely decked out houses.  I think its great if someone want to be that excited about the holidays.  Plus as a kid, those lights meant Christmas was soon, so it attaches an emotional significance.


“What’s With That Decked Out Christmas House?”
It’s a holiday twist on the series, What’s With That House? Every neighborhood has one … the house that just doesn’t fit in. And for the holidays, these houses actually go out of their way to stand out! What’s With That Decked Out Christmas House? has host George Gray taking viewers behind the closed doors of the most-talked-about houses in the neighborhood to meet the characters who live there and check out their unique take on holiday decorating.

TV Night

October 15, 2007

It’s Monday night, so let’s be quick. No offense, I love you all, but I love Heroes more. So in honor of my Monday TV obsession I thought, what better way to combine my interests than to blog about TV. I’ll let you in on the best kept secrets of this season’s television. The show you have to watch, how my normal favorites are doing, and the surprise hits.

  1. Heroes remains the best show on television. Check it out, I insist. I know you might feel behind if you haven’t seen the first season, but you can rent it, or buy it, or read the summaries, or watch it online, or I can inform you of every detail in the hopes you will watch it. It benefits everyone if you watch it.
  2. My Usual Suspects:
    1. The L Word: hot chic lesbian drama that is billed as the gay sex in the city, but it is already several seasons in so it might be hard to catch up
    2. South of Nowhere: cheesy high school drama, short but addictive
    3. Prison Break: I actually think this ‘jumped shark’ and so I pretty much stopped watching it
    4. Simpsons/Family Guy: Still funny, yet not funny enough to watch each week. I highly recommend telebinging on several episodes at a time
    5. Weeds: excellent comedy-drama with fabulous mary louise parker, this season is a little heavy on the drama side, but still worth watching
    1. Pushing Daisies
    2. Californication

Pushing Daisies is the new quirky comedy on ABC on Wednesday nights. The premise is Ned, an adorable pie maker, has the ability to bring the dead back to life with one touch. The complications are if he ever touches them again they die for good, and also if he doesn’t touch them in one minute someone else dies. Sounds incredible weird huh? Well I thought so and didn’t bother to watch the premiere. Then the reviews started pouring in about how great it was. So I gave it a chance, and it is excellent. It is a bit of an acquired taste so I really had to sit through the whole first episode, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. The show is over the top and colorful so it is fun to watch. But it is also a little dark, maybe a little jaded at times. The writing is very sharp wit, and Ned delivers every line in perfect dead pan (along the lines of Gilmore Girls writing). It is sort of a sci fi, comedy/drama adventure told in an adult fairytale, filled with magical delight. But above all it is a love story. The whole episodes are on ABC.com so you can check it out. Most of the clips are getting pulled down off of youtube, this is from the first episode.

The other must see show of this season is Californication. It pains me to admit it, since I hate the lead actor and hate this growing trend of making California seem like the coolest place on earth. The show received critical praise, but I assumed it was the same assholes who like Entourage (the biggest piece of garbage to hit premium tv) because they don’t get enough in real life. And while Californication can get a little preachy/pretensious at moments, the writing in great with very realistic dialogue and very sarcastic humor. I also think it has what a lot of shows really lack, hook. I might hate many of the characters but I really want to know what is going to happen next. I am about half way through the season and can’t wait to see the rest.