October 27, 2007

I worked last night at the theater. My favorite thing about working Fridays is that I get to watch all the trailers on the new movies. So I’m going to give you a heads up on some awesome looking movies coming out.

The Diving Bell and the Butteryfly

Why it looks good?

It looks touching, moving, endearing, depressing, and uplifting. But what struck me was the intense visual aspect. I think it will be one of those movies you remember specific freeze frames from, with amazing colors and emotional cinematography.

Be Kind, Rewind

Why it looks good?

**This trailer is being difficult, not sure why, but if it is not up, check it out on**

First, let me say I hate Jack Black but want to see this, which means it must look hella good. I think Mos Def is an awesome versatile actor. It looks cute/funny and it just made me smile.

Reservation Road

Why it looks good?

I don’t really need to explain, it is an intense thriller.


Why it looks good?

Its an offbeat dark family comedy, the best kind. Good actors, great soundtrack, and fresh story line with solid one liner.


Why it looks good?

I’m not sure it does. I have seen two different trailers, one I thought yes I def. want to see that and one where it looked so stupid I could barely stand watching the two minute trailer. I think it is going to be very hit or miss.

Sweeny todd

Why it looks good?

If I have to explain this to you, you probably shouldn’t be here.

There are some coming out shortly that good as well. Lion for Lambs, American Ganster, Martian Child, No Country for Old Men, Beowulf, and Love in the time of Cholera all look good. P2 looks like my worst fears realized.

Theatre and Medicine??

September 10, 2007

Theatre and Medicine? A seemingly odd combination at first glance, but a recent study suggests it may be a good idea. According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, doctors who participated in a series of theatre workshops improved their bedside manner and patient’s trust. A link to the story is below.

I think investigations into the interconnections and overlaps of medicine and other disciplines is the new frontier. Medical knowledge has increased in leaps and bounds; it is time for medical service to keep pace. We all know that medicine offers a lot of options and benefits for people, but the communication necessary to explain the options and benefits of modern medicine is lacking. The medical industry is a service industry, and as such the service aspect needs to be continually developed. Some areas I think where more research needs to be done is in the sociology of medicine and medical treatments, the psychology of illness, and in the legal ramifications of medical decisions.