About Me.

Name: Nicole

Location: Philadelphia

Occupation: Pharmacy Student; Projectionist

Statuses: female/democrat/d&d free/21

Interests: movies. pharmacy. technology. politics/world news. celebrities. pop culture. healthcare.  scientific advancements.  gblt issues.  board games.

Point of Blog: Scanning the news, so you don’t have to. Sharing what I think is important, interesting, or relevant.


5 Responses to About Me.

  1. your one and only indian says:

    you are such a cutie. alex showed me.

  2. Charles says:

    I was reading some of your posts after “tag surfing” pointed me to your blog, and thought to myself, I like the way she thinks. Now I see that you’re a fellow pharmacy student, and it all makes sense 😉

    Keep up the great blogging!

  3. Emily says:

    looks like a long night of pharmaceutics calculations…

  4. lorraine edge castillo says:

    Hi there
    I’m interested in using one of the photos from your website for a brochure for a non-profit called American Homecoming Foundation, and was wondering how I could go about purchasing it. I think the file name is veteransday1.png – it’s the photo of the African American vet smoking a cigarette with an American flag in the background. Please email me at lorraine_edge@hotmail.com if you know where I can purchase the rights to use it.
    Thanks so much
    Lorraine Edge Castillo

  5. lorraine edge castillo says:

    Hi there
    I didn’t get a response to my query about purchasing the rights to the vet image (see message below from May 14th. Where did you get the image from?
    I’d really appreciate an answer asap as we are hoping to go to print with our brochure very soon.
    Thanks so much

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