Delaware State University Shooting

September 21, 2007


The basics: A man shot two students on the Delaware State University campus. A girl who is in very serious condition and a boy who is in slightly better condition. The whole campus was shut down and classes are canceled.

The whole story: Story

The signifigance: Less than year after the horrific Virgina Tech shootings, Delaware has pulled together a solid response plan.  The school shut down, assuring residents stayed inside and stopping commuters and employees from coming in today, because the suspect has not been found yet.  There were emergency calls/texts sent to students to notify them.  It was posted around campus and in the dorms.  Anyone trying to use the phone system first heard a recorded explanation of the situation when they picked the phone up.  There were releases and updates on the website and made available elsewhere.  The dissemination of information may potentially have saved lives.  So kudos to Delaware for having a system that hopefully all schools will implement, but never have to use.

Here is the early Press Release: Statement

As a Note: what is wrong with people?  college is fun.  people need to chill out.